About Us

The Internal Security Apparatus is one of the regular civil institutions affiliated to the components of the Libyan state and aims to preserve the entity of the state, protect its political, social and economic security, and combat terrorism, destructive phenomena, dangers and threats that target its religious and social values ​​and undermine its standing or its international relations.

The agency conducts its business from its headquarters in the capital, Tripoli, to the rest of its administration, branches and offices distributed throughout the country to achieve its goals and establish security there.

Instead of all efforts to create effective security cadres and harness all possibilities to address everything that would prejudice the security, stability and unity of Libya.




The apparatus derives its values ​​and principles from the basic system of the state, the most important of which is the preservation of the dignity of the citizen and his legitimate and legal rights. The apparatus exercises its functions within the framework of the system of legislation and laws in force in Libya. It focuses on the discipline of its members and their enjoyment of good behavior, keenness on discipline and commitment to complete confidentiality. It focuses on the following principles and values:

Loyalty to God and the homeland: The apparatus places loyalty to God first and then to the homeland, in order to maintain its security and safety and ensure its stability

Integrity: commitment to the institutional approach to work, keenness on perfection within the framework of laws and regulations, and detachment from tendencies and whims.

Commitment and Responsibility: To abide by all security and military laws and regulations in force in Libya and not to exceed them, and to respect all other civil laws.

Continuous development: Commitment to the principles of continuous development to rehabilitate its cadres and employees, raise their capabilities and develop their scientific and knowledge perceptions through qualification and training programs inside and outside Libya.